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IRENA: Rabah calls for innovative solutions and international cooperation

Minister of Energy, Minerals and Sustainable Development Aziz Rabah called on Abu Dhabi to develop innovative solutions and open up international cooperation to achieve renewable energy projects.

In a speech at a roundtable on “Stimulating the diffusion of the use of renewable, decentralized energies for the generalization of access to electricity and the achievement of sustainable development goals”, held on the sidelines of the 9th General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Rabah said that the provision of appropriate funding mechanisms, by developing public and private actors, to innovative solutions capable of delivering renewable energy projects based on decentralized technologies and technologies.

The Moroccan official said the incubation approach could also be an appropriate solution to overcome the electricity-related problems by embracing the big cities and the villages in African countries, noting that this process will represent only a small part of the important budgets allocated to these cities.

He also highlighted the importance of involving the various components of society in the dynamics of energy in the regions that suffer from the lack of electricity supply, stressing that renewable energies constitute in today’s world a major engine for local development.

On the other hand, the Minister noted that the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is invited to keep pace with the countries to study how to maintain a balance between electrical systems and promote green growth and environmental innovation to enable developing countries to achieve their goals of universal access to sustainable energy using decentralized solutions.

The Director-General of the Institute for Research on Solar and Renewable Energy highlighted that Morocco has accumulated considerable experience in the implementation of the rural electrification program, noting that the electrification rate in the rural world has moved in less than 20 years from 18% to 99.6%.

He also stressed the importance of developing a regulatory framework and appropriate financial models, as well as developing technological solutions that meet the needs of citizens, which are typical and flexible to increase existing capacities. He stressed that the current photovoltaic solutions as well as other decentralized renewable energy technologies not only produce electricity, but also contribute to water treatment, calling on enterprises and the socio-economic fabric to develop these solutions to meet the needs of isolated areas in order to create greater local integration and job creation.

The program of the Ninth Session of the IRENA Assembly includes three ministerial meetings to exchange experiences among African, Latin American and island developing countries and launch a new study by the International Renewable Energy Agency on “The role of gender in the transformation of the energy sector”.

The event also brings together the Forum of Renewable Energy Policy Regulators and brings together dozens of parliamentarians from around the world to discuss the issue of parliamentary action to accelerate the transformation of the energy sector and ensure that everyone has access to modern and reliable energy services at an affordable cost by 2030.

A new Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will also be selected, as well as open discussion sessions for representatives members and private sector companies.

The International Renewable Energy Agency was created on 26 January 2009 in Bonn, Germany, after 75 countries signed their statutes.

The first session of the Irena General Assembly, held in 2011, marked the official announcement of the UAE as the permanent headquarters of the IAEA, which is the intergovernmental organization to promote the adoption of renewable energy worldwide.

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