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Israeli President thanks King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI visited, last Wednesday in the old medina of Essaouira, “Bayt Dakira”, a spiritual and heritage space for the preservation and enhancement of the Judeo-Moroccan memory, unique of its kind in the south of the Mediterranean and in the land of Islam.

On this occasion, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin warmly thanked King Mohammed VI. “Sincere thanks and blessings to King Mohammed VI who, like his ancestors, maintains close ties with the Jews of Morocco and maintains the coexistence between Muslims, Jews and Christians,” the Israeli president wrote on his Twitter account.

Having for center of gravity the Synagogue “Slat Attia”, Bayt Dakira is a place of memory which tells by objects, texts, photo and film the exceptional saga of Judaism in the city of Essaouira and its heritages: from tea ceremonial to Hebrew poetic art, from the gold and silver filigree goldwork to the embroidery and making of sumptuous caftans, from cultural arts to literature and rituals from the synagogue to the big trading posts which made the influence of Mogador in the 18th and 19th century.

“Bayt Dakira”, which presents and explains all the passages of Jewish life in Essaouira, from birth to death and from Bar Mitzvah to marriage, is also a place of education thanks to the Haim and Célia Zafrani Research Center on history of the Relations between Judaism and Islam, which constitutes a space for exchange between researchers from various horizons and a space for sharing, transmission and resistance to amnesia.

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