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Ivanka Trump spoke again about Morocco

Ivanka Trump, adviser to the President of the United States, praised Morocco’s efforts to empower women on Sunday in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking at the opening session of the “Global Women’s Forum 2020”, Ivanka Trump said that Morocco has managed in recent years to “introduce important legislative reforms that serve the interests of women and increase their level of empowerment”.

She also praised the efforts of five other Arab countries to empower women, namely the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and Tunisia.

Trump also expressed his joy at being in Dubai to participate in the forum and in the work of the second regional summit of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (regional summit of the Financing Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs of the World Bank) which was established two years ago in Dubai with the support of 14 countries, expressing its gratitude for the efforts made within the framework of this initiative which succeeded in mobilizing approximately 2.6 billion US dollars at regional level, with funding from government and the private sector.

She also referred to the Initiative for the Development and Prosperity of Women in the World (W-GDP) launched by the White House last year to strengthen the efforts of economic empowerment of women around the world, adding that this initiative revolves around three main axes, namely providing vocational training to women, empowering women to succeed as entrepreneurs and breaking down the barriers that hinder women’s participation in the economy.

“The initiative, which aims to reach 50 million women worldwide by 2025, has reached in just one year and since its launch last year, around 12 million women worldwide,” she said. . The “Global Women’s Forum 2020” will discuss, for two days, the establishment of international partnerships capable of strengthening the positive contribution of women in the process of global development and the means of increasing the social and economic participation of women, particularly in the entrepreneurship sector.

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