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JAC: A direct link to the Dominican Republic from Morocco

Cape on the Caribbean Sea for a heavenly vacation? Dominican Republic Island will soon be accessible from Morocco, according to the president of the Junta de Aviación Civil (JAC) who is currently studying the possibility of a direct airline between the kingdom and the country of the Greater Antilles.

During a recent trip to France, Luis Ernesto Camilo, President of the JAC, met with Moroccan Minister of Tourism Mohammed Sajid and the Director General of Civil Aviation. “They are seriously considering the possibility of establishing an air link between Morocco and the Dominican Republic. We are here (the JAC) to facilitate the process” he revealed in statement.

He even predicts an increase in air traffic if Morocco completes its intention to launch a direct link to the Dominican Republic. “If we go above the world average, the traffic will be fine. The world average is about 3.5%. We expect 6% this year on the arrival of passengers which is a constantly increasing number. Last year, we exceeded six million tourists,” he said.

In June, Dominican President Danilo Medina met with Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Nasser Bourita in Santo Domingo. At this meeting, they exchanged views on partnership opportunities and a series of agreements for a strategic alliance for tourism.

Under these agreements, nationals of both countries, holders of valid common or ordinary passports, are exempted from visa to enter, exit, transit and stay in the territory of the other party, for a period up to to 60 days, renewable for the same period, so that the total duration of the stay does not exceed 120 days for each period of 12 months from the first entry into the territory of both countries.

For the Dominican Republic, Morocco is the gateway to Africa and the Arab countries, a boon for the country in search of new markets and tourists, says the media. On the Moroccan side, the Dominican Republic is an entry to Latin America and the Caribbean countries.

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