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Jacob Delafon goes upmarket

Jacob Delafon, the sanitary specialist wants to establish his position on the high end. Settled in Tangier since 1978 in a factory in the industrial zone of Tangiers, it was his ambition at the time to supply the local market. But since then, things have changed with the arrival of the Kohler group in orders in 2008, Jacob Delafon changes strategy and is investing in products with higher added value.

The Tangier factory is currently one of the largest in the group. After an ambitious program of modernization and expansion, it has now reached 1.5 million rooms in terms of volume with the doubling of its facilities and the establishment of new production lines in addition to storage space.

“The total investment made by the group has reached MAD 220 million in recent years,” according to Olivier Lefebvre, EMEA president of the group. This made it possible to robotize the enamelling stations and to set up a fifth furnace to accompany the rise in charge of the Tangier unit which will be installed shortly. The plant also has a CNC unit for the rapid manufacture of molds and models.

The manufacturing process has also been modernized with the installation of resin molds that allows more than 50,000 moldings, far from the maximum 90 that allows the plaster mold to make bowls and bidets. But the resin is reserved for large series to make its cost more profitable, says Thierry Leonard, general manager and director of the plant Jacob Delafon Morocco.

The bathroom specialist also focused on fine sandstone, a raw material that competes with kaolin as an input for the manufacture of large rooms such as shower trays introduced since 2009.

The plant is also at the forefront of environmental protection with a system of water filtration and recycling of all its waste, insists the management. In fact, most of the waste is reused or even sent to cement plants after grinding, which makes it possible to recycle all discarded products.

The goal of this move upmarket is to increase its market share in Europe, its largest outlet. The group has a market share of 50% in France and relies on its Moroccan production tool to continue its international development with quality products with avant-garde design.

The local market on which Jacob Delafon ranks second, is equally taken into consideration. The builder is very keen on the “Turkish toilet” product, which is very popular in Morocco and which it continues to maintain in its catalog. “Our desire is to strengthen ourselves in this market,” continues Lefebvre.

On the other hand, competition is intensifying in the field and the growing number of products originating in Turkey is flooding the market and pushing price and quality down. The French brand that invests relentlessly in innovation and quality, advance without fear.

Jacob Delafon’s Tangier factory has the largest sales in Europe, and targets both the Asian and Russian markets. Long absent from the German market, Jacob Delafon intends to become more visible with a local partnership that will include Austria. History of selling the French spirit in a German market dominated by the functional.

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