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Jamal Sellami unveils his list for the African Games

U20 national coach Jamal Sellami unveiled on Monday the final list of 18 players called to take part in the African Games football tournament to be held in Morocco from 19 to 21 August.

During this competition, the Moroccan selection will evolve in group A alongside South Africa, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

Here is the list of the 18 selected players, published on the website of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF):

– Taha Mourid (WAC)

– Abderrahman Kernane (OCK)

– Ibrahim Chahir (OCK)

– Mohamed Moufid (FAR)

– Mehdi Mbarek (FUS)

– Mohcine Abba (FAR)

– Khalid Ait Ouarkhan (FAR)

– Idriss Bousbaa (FUS)

– Abdelilah Medkour (RCA)

– Zakaria Drouich (RCA)

– Ayoub Khairi (RCA)

– Ismail El Moutaraji (Chabab Mohammedia)

– Hamza Bousqal (AMF)

– Bilal Oudghiri (MAS) – Mohamed Askender (DHJ)

– Mountassir Lahtimi (FUS)

– Abdelilah Damar (Cornella FC / Esp)

– Aymen Mourid (Leganés / Esp)

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