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Jamel’s confidences about King Mohammed VI

The Franco-Moroccan humorist Jamel Debbouze is in Casablanca for his show “Now or Jamel!”. The opportunity for Hit Radio’s Momo to interview him. An interview during which the comedian confided on his relationship with King Mohammed VI.

“I would never have thought to live this, even less this friendship (with the king). If I had that as my goal, I would not have reached it. I am very proud of this friendship and the consideration of the king. It’s the same consideration and the same friendship that I have with my country of origin, which is Morocco,” said the humorist.

The radio host then asked him about what makes the king laugh. “(…) I can tell you a secret, it’s him who makes me laugh. He has a lot of humor and we are lucky to have an open, tolerant monarch who loves culture. We have an incredible chance and we have to wear it as it is,” Jamel concluded.

Recall that Jamel Debbouze’s show, which was to take place initially last October in Casablanca, was canceled because of a conflict between producers.

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