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KidsRights Index: Morocco 72nd in the World and 6th in Africa

While children’s rights are “severely affected” by the new coronavirus pandemic, Morocco is gaining three places in the children’s rights index established by the international organization KidsRights Foundation. The kingdom is 3rd in the Maghreb, 6th in Africa and maintains its place in the Top10 of the MENA region.

The KidsRights Foundation, an international child welfare and defense organization based in the Netherlands, published its annual KidsRights Index 2020 last week. Since 2013, this child rights index, born from an initiative of the KidsRights Foundation, in cooperation with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Erasmus School of Economics and the International Institute for Labor Studies, ranks countries committed to improving rights in this category.

Thus, out of the 181 United Nations member states that have ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Morocco ranks 72nd in the world in the 2020 edition of this index with a score of 0.767, after having been 75th Last year.

For this new edition, it is clear that Morocco has managed to improve its scores for the five sub-indices of the report, compared to last year. Indeed, the kingdom obtains a score of 0.898 for the right of children to health, positioning it 88th in the world. It is also 82nd (0.837 points) for the right to life, 99th for the right to education (score of 0.674) and 68th for the right to protection with a score of 0.914. Morocco is, however, in the penultimate category in terms of the environment conducive to children’s rights.

In the Middle East and North Africa region, Morocco remains in the top 10. It comes behind Tunisia (17th in the world), Egypt (21st), Qatar (41st), Lebanon (49th), Bahrain (58th), Jordan (62nd) and Algeria (71st). Morocco is thus third in the Maghreb, ahead of Libya (83rd) and Mauritania (140th). Morocco is also in 6th place in Africa, behind Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritius, Cape Verde and Algeria.

Rights affected by the coronavirus

Globally, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Germany respectively occupy the first five places in this ranking, with scores of more than 0.9, while the bottom of the ranking is occupied by the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Chad.

As the world faces the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the report considers that “the rights of children are seriously affected” by this health crisis. The index shows, in fact, that countries around the world are allocating an insufficient budget for children’s rights, particularly in areas such as protection, health and education. In addition, with the economic consequences of the health crisis, there is no expectation that this will change any time soon. KidsRights even points to a “decline in progress made in the well-being of children”.

“Measures taken by governments to limit the COVID-19 epidemic are having a disastrous impact on many children. School closings in 188 countries affect 1.5 billion children and young people, making boys and girls very vulnerable to child labor, child marriage and teenage pregnancies,” NGO said. And to denounce in particular “the increase in domestic violence during containment measures, which remains particularly devastating for girls”.

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