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King Mohammed VI, a leader in humanitarian aid

Morocco’s humanitarian action has become a model based on the principles of regional and international solidarity. It is with this in mind that HM King Mohammed VI ordered the sending of medical aid to several brother African countries, around 15, in order to support them in their efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a generous gesture from the Sovereign and represents a strong signal in favor of humanitarian issues and the values ​​of solidarity.

The experiences accumulated by Morocco in terms of humanitarian aid in recent years in Africa, and in other continents, reflect its strong commitment to provide assistance to populations affected by crises, knowing that African countries have always found Morocco by their side. This latest solidarity action with the countries of the continent is part of the implementation of the Initiative launched by HM the King last April. It is the initiative of African Heads of State to establish an operational framework to support African countries in their various phases of management of the Covid-19 pandemic, which reflects the will of the Sovereign to place the countries of the continent, in all circumstances at the heart of the Kingdom’s priorities and to share with them experiences and good practices.

There is also the Moroccan experience in the management of field hospitals in areas hit by crises or natural disasters, as in the case of field hospitals installed abroad which reflects Morocco’s pioneering role in humanitarian actions in several crisis and war zones around the world. It should be recalled that HM King Mohammed VI underlined, in his Speech on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the Green March on November 6, 2017, the effective and major role played by Morocco in matters of security and the fight against radicalization and extremism: “Furthermore, we are committed to sharing our unique and internationally recognized experience with our African brothers, whether in the field of security cooperation or in the fight against extremism”.

Certainly, the term “security cooperation” mentioned in the Royal Speech includes measures to be taken in development cooperation involving humanitarian aid. It should also be recalled that humanitarian action at the level of the African Union (AU) commits the support of all member countries to place the affected populations, as well as their needs, at the center of their concerns and to help them better to deal with the Covid -19 pandemic, by providing them with more material, technical and human support. Humanitarian aid is an expression of the positive moral value of solidarity between the peoples of the continent. Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, gave the example of this humanitarian value.

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