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King Mohammed VI grants Moroccan nationality to 12 personalities

Many foreigners aspire to obtain Moroccan nationality. And this year, they are twelve to have been successful, King Mohammed VI having granted them.

Six representatives of the fair sex and six men thus became our dear compatriots, by Dahir published by the official Bulletin of April 25 current. This information, relayed by media, concerns known intellectual, scientific or sports personalities, and also “ordinary” people, French nationals of North African origin.

Among these new Moroccans, we find Dr. Michel-François Canési, dermatologist and author of several books, on various general topics. Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, the billionaire who inherited the famous French luxury house, is also on the list. Not to mention the writer Kebir Mustapha Ammi, author of several novels and professor of English language. Born in Taza, he is an Algerian father and a Moroccan mother.

Another celebrity, feminine this one, was naturalized. This is Françoise Atlan, a regular at the Festival of Sacred Music hosted by the spiritual capital of the Kingdom, whose favorite repertoire of songs is interested in Andalusian ancestral music.

Also benefited from the Moroccan nationality, the husband of Joumana Alaoui, our ambassador in Washington DC, Mohammed Reza Nouri Esfandiari, Iranian businessman.

Finally, two great athletes are part of the list of twelve people who have become Moroccan. Namely, the martial arts champion, Mairbeck Taisinov, Russo-Austrian of Chechen origin, and pugillist heavyweight champion, Mohamed Al Zein, of German origin.

Welcome to everyone in your new homeland, the Kingdom of Morocco, dear compatriots!

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