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Kinsey Wolanski lands in Marrakech

Kinsey Wolanski, the “streaker” who entered the field in the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham, arrived in Marrakech.

She posted photos and videos on her Instagram account with the caption, “We have arrived in Morocco”.

Kinsey announced on its social networks that she will be in the Kingdom from June 13 to 17. In legend, she wrote: “We will be in Morocco from June 13 to 17”.

Recall that the match was interrupted in the 18th minute of play when Wolanski broke into the lawn escaping the security. Wolanski was in a tight black bathing suit that was named after his boyfriend’s chain, the famous US-Russian youtubor Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. The latter had done the same thing in the final of the World Cup 2014. His channel currently has 1.6 billion views.

A buzz that worked well, since it was about advertising at the Zdorovetskiy chain. “I can not wait to marry you,” he said on Twitter. “We did it,” replied the young woman.

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