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“Les Globes de Cristal” maintains Gad Elmaleh Award

The recent accusations of plagiarism do not seem to touch Gad Elmaleh. He will receive, tonight, the “Globe of Honor 2019” award of the 14th edition of “Les Globes de Cristal”.

Mehdi Hamdi, producer of “Les Globes de Cristal”, decided to maintain the trophee that will be awarded to the comedian, the actor, the screenwriter and the director, tonight. “We do not have to go back on our choice,” says Mehdi Hamdi.

“We honor a successful Entertainer in France and the United States. I am suspicious of these expeditious proceedings on the Internet. In addition, it happens to us all to make errors of course, “adds Hamdi.

The career of Gad, more than twenty years, will be celebrated, no matter that the comedian is back in the sight of plagiarism by the Youtube channel, CopyComic. The video reveals jokes that Gad Elmaleh copied American artists (George Carlin, Steven Wright, Dana Carvey), Quebecers (Patrick Huard, Martin Matte), French (Donal Jack’sman, Titoff) and others.

For 13 minutes, the video compares the dialogues and situations that the French-Moroccan humorist was inspired in the majority of his shows, from “L’autre c’est moi” in 2005 to “Papa est en haut” in 2009 passing also by his latest one-man-show, “American Dream”.

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