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Maluma attacks French Montana, accused of abandoning his father

Colombian singer Maluma has posted a photo on his Instagram account, wearing a chain and a pendant with his family’s photo. “The family first” he wrote in legend.

This publication follows recent rumors about the American-Moroccan rapper Karim Kharbouch, known as French Montana, and accused by his father of refusing to help him financially. The latter may indeed end up on the street after the court’s decision to expel him from his home in Casablanca. The father accuses his son of turning his back on him and refusing to help him solve his financial problems for several years. The singer has even refused, according to his father, to offer him a roof even if he is aware of his setbacks with justice.

Internet users have not failed to comment on the photo of Maluma, also descending French Montana and accusing him of abandoning his family after the celebrity.

Recall that the Casablanca authorities are expelling the father of the famous singer Karim Kharbouch from his apartment in Casablanca. It was the court of first instance that made that decision.

Contacted by media, the father denounced this injustice, stating that he was swindled by his wife’s family.

“My brothers-in-law trapped me by offering me a small apartment in a popular area of ​​Casablanca and took mine, located in a famous neighborhood of the metropolis. I was surprised, a few years later, by the decision of expulsion ordered by the court,” he explained.

He added: “The authorities allowed me 24 hours to leave the premises before being forcibly evicted. I do not have where to go. My in-laws have a long arm and I demand that a commission of inquiry be sent to defend my rights and punish the culprits.”

Regarding his son, he assured that French Montana can not do anything about this injustice. “My son knows that this family is capable of everything and asked me to stop publishing videos to denounce these people. They are involved in several cases of theft, embezzlement, fraud but have never been punished. Now I ask my son to intervene and think of me by offering me a roof”, the father had said.

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