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Managem strengthens its commitment to CSR

Subject a little neglected there is still little, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has prevailed in the company to the point where the Casablanca Stock Exchange has created an index calculating the performance of the courses of socially responsible companies.

Among these is the mining group Managem. It has just strengthened its partnership with Injaz Al-Maghrib on entrepreneurial education. The aim is to instil in young people in the communes around the mines operated by the group the entrepreneurial spirit. It is also a question of reinforcing the managerial skills of the surrounding cooperatives in order to help them grow up and, if possible, to build a network for greater impact.

“In the mining industry, we settle where there are deposits and it can be landlocked areas. The integration of communities right from the start of our operations is essential if we want to have viable and sustainable projects in the long term,” notes Imad Toumi, CEO of Managem.

In some localities, companies such as Managem play almost the role of the state in servicing the settlements. This presence also energizes the local economy. About 75% of the teams working on the group’s sites are recruited from the surrounding populations.

This partnership between Managem and Injaz Al-Maghrib is unique because it allows reaching populations in remote areas, which is difficult for the association today. “We do a lot of work in the big cities. But, we also need to be more active in remote areas. It is this alchemy that we developed with Managem”, emphasizes Leila Mamou, CEO of Injaz Al-Maghrib.

The association relies on Managem executives to deploy these programs in the areas where the mining group is located. Since its creation in 2007, Injaz Al-Maghrib has trained more than 130,000 young people. It mobilized more than 90 partners (public and private) and 2,750 volunteers for these different operations.

The contribution to the socio-economic development of the Managem implementation areas is one of the six commitments of the group in the new CSR charter adopted in 2018. There will also be a focus on health and safety, the protection of the environment or still ethics in business.

Today, corporate CSR performance is closely monitored by investors and rating agencies. “CSR performance is essential to continue to benefit from the trust of investors, especially now that we are seeking to accompany us on major projects,” said the CEO of Managem.

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