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Maroc Telecom accelerates on the digital

“In 2019, digital transformation and innovation will be more of our strategic priorities,” announces the management of Maroc Telecom. Indeed, this year, the group intends to support the acceleration or strong growth of Data uses, stabilize the rates of mobile call termination, or increase the coverage of FTTH networks.

Internationally, the operator announces the consolidation of its investments for a wider coverage and a better quality of service. As for subsidiaries, the acquisition of new 4G licenses will boost business on a continental scale. Roughly, a satisfecit emerges from the main indicators of the company, with “results superior to the initial objectives”.

The Maroc Telecom group has just achieved an increase in its customer base. They are more than 61 million users (+6.5%). Consolidated sales increased by 3.1%, with net income group share up 5.3%. In fact, at the end of December 2018, the group achieved a consolidated turnover of MAD 36 billion.

This performance is mainly due to the sustained growth of revenues from activities in Morocco (+4.6%) driven by the increase in usage and data parks, combined with that of new subsidiaries (+3.5% at constant currency).

Data Mobile revenue grew almost as much in Morocco (+39%) as in the subsidiaries (+38%), with 48% of the data traffic consumed by customers equipped with 4G smartphones. Same scenario on the international scene, where the resilience of the incomes is supported by the Data. The 36% growth in Mobile Data (+34% in the historical subsidiaries and +40% in the new subsidiaries) offsets the decline in international incoming traffic.

Mobile revenue in Morocco posted a performance of 4.7%. “Growth is driven by data, which reinforces the relevance of our investment strategy. In addition, the continued control of costs allows us to post a significant increase in profitability despite the new taxes introduced in some countries of presence,” says Abdeslam Ahizoune, Chairman of the Management Board.

Investments excluding licenses and frequencies amounted to 5.9 billion dirhams for the group, a significant decrease of 26.1% compared to 2017 (-26.6% at constant exchange rate). They represent 16.4% of revenues, compared to 22.9% for 2017.

The optimization of the development projects as well as the synergies operated within the group have allowed this reduction while improving network coverage and quality of service, both in Morocco and in the subsidiaries. The new licenses acquired in Mali and Togo, for their part, weighed 719 million dirhams in 2018.

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