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Maroc Telecom reaches 70.5 million customers

Maroc Telecom Group’s fleet reached 70.5 million customers at the end of September 2020. The group, which represents one of Morocco’s flagships, shows, despite the health crisis, an increase of 4.3% compared to the year last.

These performances of the Maroc Telecom Group are notably linked to the increase in the number of subsidiaries at +7.3%, the Fixed network at +6.7% and Fixed Broadband with +10.4% in the Kingdom. The Mobile fleet has 19.7 million customers with an increase of 2.8% over one year. A Group press release also specifies that the impact of the health crisis on Mobile activities caused a drop of 5.5% for a total of more than 10.13 billion dirhams.

With regard to the mixed ARPU, it fell by 6.1% to 55.1 dirhams during the first nine months of 2020. It thus improved by 6.7% to nearly 2 million lines on a year. It thus enabled the broadband network to reach 1.7 million subscribers, an increase of 10.4%. As for the Fixed-line and Internet activities in Morocco, they amounted to a turnover of over 7.09 billion dirhams at the end of September, with an increase of 2.0% compared to 2019, driven by Data Fixed.

These results prove that Morocco is based on a strategy of international diversification. This strategy, which has been in place for years, is paying off, despite the current health situation, said the chairman of the board of the Maroc Telecom group, Abdeslam Ahizoune. “Maroc Telecom has also shown a great capacity for adaptation, to face the effects of the crisis and this through the adoption, from the start of the pandemic, of cost optimization plans and a optimized management of investments,” he stressed. The Group is therefore continuing to strengthen infrastructure and services for more efficiency in the work. This adaptation makes it possible to present customers with a quality service, taking into account the widest coverage in all the countries where it is present.

It should be noted that internationally, the Mobile fleet has reached more than 46.5 million customers. Mauritania has a total of 2.57 million customers, Burkina Faso with 9.08 million, Gabon has 1.56 million. Mali has reached 8.57 million customers. Next come the Ivory Coast with 9.7 million. 4.54 million for Benin, 3.19 million for Togo, 2.88 million for Niger, 185,000 for the Central African Republic and 4.30 million for Chad, reports La Map.

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