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Marrakech: Home alcohol delivery now available

We are not at a contradiction in Morocco! In a country where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden to Moroccans, Morocco is ranked 43rd country in the world (0.4 liter per capita and per year) to consume the most!

And this figure will be reinforced by the announcement made on a Facebook page that will prevent admirers of alcoholic beverages  to be caught, little or more, drunk by the police, coming out of a night bar or a nightclub. Entitled “Delivery of alcohol”, it proposes to deliver at home beers, wines and other liqueurs.

The publication illustrated by the photo of different bottles of all colors, promises a home delivery “fast”. For the moment, this only concerns the city of Marrakech, which will be served by “Delivery of alcohol”.

The other Bacchus fans from other cities must therefore take their pain (and their thirst) in patience.

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