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Marrakesh-Menara Airport: Record passenger traffic in 2018

The airport Marrakesh-Menara registered during the year 2018 a record passenger traffic compared to the year 2017, with more than 5 million passengers.

According to data published by the National Office of Airports (ONDA), a total of 5,279,575 passengers passed through the airport Marrakesh-Menara, against 4,366,263 travelers during the year 2017, an increase of 20.92 %.

In December alone, 489,250 passengers used this airport infrastructure against 403,551 passengers in the same month of 2017, which represents a growth of 21.24%, says the Office.

On the other hand, Marrakesh-Menara airport accounted for 23.43% of global commercial air traffic in 2018, occupying the second place behind Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport (43.19%).

With regard to the first five national air routes in 2018, the Marrakesh-Paris-Orly line took 2nd place with 590,024 passengers, behind the Mohammed V-Paris-Orly line with 682,066 passengers, while the Marrakesh-London line Gatwick was 5th with 352,617 passengers, says ONDA.

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