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MBC5: A new show presented by Najat Aatabou

As part of the implementation of its five-year plan for expansion and growth, the MBC Group has just announced the launch of MBC5, a new satellite channel with a local flavor, which promises a multitude of family entertainment entirely dedicated to the Maghreb countries.

The number “Five”; symbol of optimism and good fortune, is present in French and Maghrebi cultures. It goes without saying that this new chain will remain faithful to the cultural and historical heritage that makes the wealth of the Maghreb countries, and will contribute to enrich it even more.

MBC’s relationship with the Maghreb general public does not date from today and is even more concrete with this project. As a result, the new channel will contribute in a more efficient and targeted way to local productions, while expanding the available offer in this market with promising potential.

It will also reinforce the mutual benefits between producers and directors while improving the quality of skills already present in the field. The launch of this channel will have a certain interest for the national economies of the different Maghreb countries, and will attract new investments in the media sector, while stimulating the creation of new jobs, especially for young people. This ambitious project will also provide a platform to encourage the exchange of diverse experiences and local, regional and even global best practices.

The launch of MBC5 on satellite will take place on the evening of Saturday 21 September and will be marked by the broadcast of the first episode of the fifth season of “the Voice” (exclusively on MBC5 for the Maghreb audience).

Highlights of MBC5

The MBC5 programs will be diversified and will focus on Maghreb and Arab productions. Several new projects and productions will follow in the near future to complete the range of original programs. MBC5 already displays programming such as:

– Khaled w Hbabou: A variety program presented by Khaled.

– Dar Darkoum: A comedy, produced by GoPro, where the stars of the Maghreb will be put forward, with as main stars the two comedians Driss and Mehdi.

– Jwabek Dahab: This show is organized around a competition and will offer winners from all over the Maghreb, gold awards. It will be presented by the young actor-presenter Mourad El Achaabi and will be produced by Cinetelema.

– Asrar Nissae: Social program, centered on the life and secrets of a group of friends. Produced by Cinetelema, it features Moroccan actresses Badia Senhaji, Maha Bukhari, Maria Nadim and Soukaina Derbile.

– Kheli balek men Fifi: This humorous show brings together several Moroccan and Arab artists. It will be presented by Fifi Abdo and Zineb Obaid.

– Jalassat maa Najat: This is a social-entertainment program presented by Moroccan singer Najat Aatabou.

– Jalassat Faniya: A production of MED PRODUCTION.

– “Strike”: Program presented by the Moroccan actor Hamza Filali.

– Sa3a Saida: Program presented by Abdel Fattah Al Grini and Jamila El Badaoui.

– The Talk Show: Will welcome each day the big stars of the song and the Art coming from different countries of the Maghreb. Rewards will be distributed to the public.

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