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Migrant camp fires in Ouled Ziane, harassing citizens and authorities

For the third time, the stadium in front of the road station in Ouled Ziane, Casablanca, witnesses the outbreak of fire in the informal camp where irregular migrants from sub-Saharan Africa settle.

Fire broke out suddenly in the section at the front of the station, after several gas bottles exploded from the small and large size; which is around the camp where they live and take “houses” to ashes.

The flames that came to everything inside the camp, except for the area adjacent to the street Ouled Ziane, who worked illegal immigrants to carry some clothes and mattresses before the flames.

The violent incident was rekindled by the various authorities in Casablanca, where senior officials of the Redemption Brigade rushed and the security forces, along with the civilian protection that lasted more than two hours to extinguish the strong fire.

A number of Moroccans living in the  avenue, not far from the station of Ouled Ziane station, complained about the continuation of these fires, demanding the state authorities to intervene to put an end to this situation, which has become alarming.

For their part, the owners of large taxis near the stadium expressed their dissatisfaction with this situation, pointing out that the presence of these immigrants hurt them, especially that the place where they are emitting foul odors that disturb the drivers and passengers.

As for migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, some of them expressed dissatisfaction with what happened. They would find themselves sleeping in the open, especially on these cold nights. Others asked for help, stressing that they wanted to cross into the northern bank rather than settle in Morocco.

The fire left smoke in neighborhoods and spread foul odors.

This is not the first time that the Ouled Ziane stadium has witnessed the outbreak of fire. In December of last year there were major fires and clashes between Moroccan citizens and immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

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