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Mobile payment: Attijariwafa bank finally gets there

A year ago, the management of Attijariwafa bank announced that it did not intend to launch a mobile payment application. He has visibly changed his mind and launched his solution called “Attijari Pay”.

On September 26, 2018, Ismail Douiri, CEO of Attijariwafa bank, said at a press conference that the banking group was going to be content with the mobile payment application developed by its subsidiary Wafacash (Jibi), contrary to other banks that have launched their own solutions.

Finally, the first bank in Morocco eventually joined this club which currently has 7 operators (5 banks, telecom operator Inwi and Wafacash).

An application directly backed by the bank account

Attijari Pay is downloadable from the Apple (iOS) and Play (Android) stores. But the subscription to the service, free, must be done on the application Attijari Mobile, in agency or by calling the center of customer relation.

The application is fluid, intuitive and secure (PIN code or fingerprint for access to the application and for each payment transaction).

The service is accessible to check account holders opened with Arrijariwafa bank. Unlike other banks where you need to create a wallet (electronic wallet) to feed from your bank account, the Attijari Pay application is directly backed to the bank account.

In other words, it displays the balance available on the check account, which is directly debited in case of payment sent or credited in case of payment received.

Once the phone number is filled (the service is necessarily associated with a unique phone number), his bank account indicated and the registration validated by the bank, the user can, upon receipt of the activation code, send money by choosing a contact on his phonebook, entering a phone number or scanning a QR code with his camera. The transfer is executed instantly.

The user can also send money requests. In case of receiving money from an unknown person, he can refuse the transfer by contacting the customer relations center who will return the amount received to the initiator of the transaction.

Still no interoperability and merchant payment

For the moment, only sending and receiving money to or from Attijariwafa bank clients is possible, as we have seen by testing the application. The operations are in this case free.

To be able to do operations with users of other mobile payment applications (MAD 5.5 per transaction for amounts up to MAD 500, MAD 11 beyond), it will be necessary to wait for the start of interoperability that trainee for many months.

Merchant payment (free) is not yet operational either.

Attijariwafa bank’s mobile payment service is capped. There is a monthly payment capacity (MAD 40.000), daily (MAD 20.000) and per operation (MAD 5.000), knowing that one can not exceed 10 operations per day. There is also a ceiling for transfers received (MAD 20.000).

Note that you can only have one Attijari Pay account per bank account and per phone number.

In case of loss or theft of the phone, the user must oppose his account either on the application Attijari Mobile, agency or by calling the customer relationship center.

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