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Mohammed VI Tower: 250 meters high for a budget of MAD 4 billion

The Mohammed VI tower, whose official launch of the works was given by the Sovereign in early November 2018, is a masterpiece that reflects the architectural wealth of the Kingdom, said Thursday in Rabat, the Spanish architect, Rafael de la Hoz.

This architectural work, the tallest building in Africa, reflects the power of Morocco and symbolizes the influence of the Twin Cities Rabat and Salé by its economic and architectural components, as well as its size on a continental scale, said the architect in a conference press, held at the Spanish Cultural Center, Cervantes in Rabat.

In a presentation on this occasion, Rafael de la Hoz, who created the design of the tower, stressed that the construction of this large-scale building requires “significant efforts” with regard to its location on the edge of the Bouregreg River, recalling that the foundations of the tower were made at a depth of 80m, and required the construction of 1500 pillars.

This building will be an economic center par excellence as it will include three internal towers, housing respectively an office component, residential housing and a luxury hotel, said the architect, noting that this building also reflects the development of urban planning in the Kingdom and the rehabilitation of its cities.

According to Mr. de la Hoz, the Mohammed VI tower, whose construction has adopted the latest technologies in the field, is a symbol of a new Morocco and a new Africa with large tourist sites.

For his part, the director of the Cervantes Institute of Rabat, José Maria Martinez, said that this press conference is an opportunity to bring the audience closer to Spanish architecture in general and the method adopted in the design and the construction of the Mohammed VI Tower, being convinced that this masterpiece will find its harmonious place in the radiant environment of Rabat, city of lights and cultural capital of the Kingdom.

Culminating at 250 meters in height (55 floors, of which four last will host an observatory), the future Tour, which will be carried out for a projected budget of about 4 billion dirhams, symbolizes the emergence and influence of the two twin cities Rabat-Salé.

This tower will integrate in its design the best practices of eco-construction as well as new generation technologies (solar filters, photovoltaic panels, natural ventilation) allowing a better energy efficiency, in line with the commitments of Morocco in favor of sustainable development.

The multifunctionality of the tower will make the project a buoyant investment, a lever of success for its environment, and a source of comfort and ergonomics for its residents.

This Tower is in line with the objectives of the development project of the Bouregreg Valley, one of the main components of the integrated development program of the city of Rabat “Rabat Light City, Moroccan Capital of Culture”, which also provides the realization of major structuring urban projects (Grand Theater of Rabat, The House of Arts and Culture, The National Archives Library of the Kingdom of Morocco).

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