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Moncef Slaoui available to help Morocco

Asked about the Kingdom’s vaccination strategy in the response against covid, the former scientific director of operation “Warp Speed” in the United States, Doctor of Moroccan origin Moncef Slaoui, affirms that Morocco was able to access to the doses of vaccines necessary to protect its population against the new coronavirus. He reaffirms his availability to help the kingdom produce its vaccine.

The expert broke the silence since his resignation in January from the operation of the “Warp Speed” mission entrusted to him by former US President Donald Trump to find an anti-Covid vaccine in record delays.

In his assessment of the response strategy against covid 19 led by the Moroccan authorities, Doctor Slaoui praised the dynamism of the committee set up. “Morocco was able to access the doses of vaccines necessary to protect its population against the new coronavirus” he said, adding that “the most urgent thing was to choose the path which would allow access to the doses of vaccines as quickly as possible”.

Informed of Morocco’s desire to produce vaccines locally to achieve its vaccination goal and help Africa, Mr. anti-Covid said he was ready to support the kingdom to the extent of its capabilities. “If I was asked to help train high-level technicians who could manufacture the vaccine, the product itself, yes! I would be ready to do it!“, argued Professor Slaoui.

And to observe that “it requires a very advanced complexity and technicality and it is something which would benefit in a very significant way in Morocco. It would be a first step towards acquiring knowledge and technicians who could then not only develop the vaccine, but make discoveries in other countries and lead to research”.

In addition, Dr. Slaoui stressed that Morocco has recorded many significant advances over the past ten years. “There is definite progress (infrastructure…) that can be seen in different cities. But if we consider the doubling of the population, there are also needs that are even greater and more difficult to meet,” he noted, considering that there are also great efforts to be made in the sectors of public health and education.

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