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Moov Africa, a new brand from Maroc Telecom group

Maroc Telecom Group’s subsidiaries are now united around the brand new “Moov Africa” brand, a common identity born within the world of the telecom sector in Africa.

It is in a press release published on Tuesday that the Maroc Telecom Group, a benchmark telecoms operator and leader in several countries, announced the creation of a new brand identity that brings together the 10 African telecoms subsidiaries of Maroc Telecom, with a larger territory of presence and synergy effects which will contribute to the commercial influence of the brand in each country.

This new Moov Africa brand “will reveal to the world the pan-African character of the Maroc Telecom Group: a continental brand and a successful example of South-South cooperation”, we read in the press release, and illustrates the vision of the Maroc Telecom Group: “Africa on the move”, which lies in the principle of sharing the group’s know-how and its capacity for innovation for the benefit of the countries in which it operates.

The new graphic sign illustrates the strength of the Maroc Telecom group and its commitment to place its expertise at the service of each of its subsidiaries. The new Moov Africa brand adopts the signature “A new world calls you” from the global operator, which is part of the continuity of a promise of a world of innovations which is constantly renewing itself.

To assert this new brand identity and make it known to as many people as possible, sports legend Teddy Riner, who is preparing to compete for his 4th Olympic medal, did not fail to lend his voice and his image to the Maroc Telecom Group. and wear loud and clear the colors of the global telecommunications operator of which he has been the ambassador since 2017.

The new Moov Africa brand identity of the Maroc Telecom Group thus marks a further step in the international development of the Maroc Telecom Group in high-potential markets, and further strengthens its strategic positioning as a major telecoms player in Africa.

It should be noted that the Maroc Telecom Group is present in 11 countries on the African continent: Morocco, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Central African Republic, Chad and Togo. It supports more than 70 million Mobile, Landline and Internet customers. With this cultural and historical diversity, the Maroc Telecom Group puts its know-how at the service of a dynamic and growing continent, drawn by its youth and talents.

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