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Moroccan model Nora Attal and her family pose for Vogue Italia

Nora Attal highlights her origins. The British-Moroccan model posed with all her family for the latest issue of Vogue Italia. The 20-year-old model opened the doors of her home in Larache, a Moroccan town where she comes from.

Three generations of her family have agreed to play the game. Surrounded by her mother, her father, her grandmother and her siblings, Nora proudly shared, on her Instagram account, the photos of her shooting in her home country.

“I’m super excited to share that. My brother, my sister, my parents and my grandmother at home for @vogueitalia. Thank you to this incredible team. We had a great time and I will cherish this memory,” she wrote.

Photographed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and dressed by Carlos Nazario in the family house, next to his grandmother (Fatna Badi), his father (Charhabil Attal), his mother (Bouchra Attal), his sister (Yesmin Attal) and his brother (Adam Attal), Nora shares for the first time her family life.

Usually discreet, the face of Chanel has obviously enjoyed sharing this moment of complicity with members of his family. “Everyone really liked being part of the story!” she said enthusiastically to the Italian fashion magazine.

“My grandmother was very excited but also nervous because she did not know what to expect, but she was so happy to have her picture taken. She told me that she wanted the pictures framed around the house. My mother was also super excited, I know she liked it a lot.”

With his Berber roots firmly established in Morocco, where his paternal great-grandfather was a revolutionary, poet and director, the opportunity to be at the center of a shoot celebrating the heritage and individuality of his family has a lot of importance for the young model.

“Everyone has a story and the models are recognized for their individuality rather than their similarities. For me, it’s more personal than before. It’s not just about selling clothes, it’s about looking at the picture or the person. It is important to represent all cultures, especially nowadays,” she says.

At the age of 20, Nora Attal is already a sensation among the biggest brands. The latest to date, Chanel who chose to represent the brand in a new chic campaign.

The young Moroccan with the face of an angel already arouses the curiosity of the greatest of the fashion world such as Prada, Elie Saab, McCartney, Nina Ricci, H & M, Valentino, Dior or Alexander McQueen.

The supermodel was discovered by British photographer J.W.Anderson, at the age of 16, during a casting that took place in his school. Since then she has signed with Viva London and continued to live her dream.

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