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Moroccan Rachid Yazami successfully charges a battery in 6 minutes

Former CNRS Research Director, Moroccan Rachid Yazami, and his team managed to fully recharge a battery in 6 minutes. An unprecedented event that opens the door to new opportunities for the automotive sector.

Professor Rachid Yazami has been the founder since 2011 of a Singaporean company called KVI, which specializes in research on smart batteries. It was this company that achieved this world record, using a new method of adaptive charging.

KVI technicians first succeeded in charging a high energy density electric car battery from 0 to 100% in less than 20 minutes, before renewing performance in 6 minutes, with a high power density battery for hybrid vehicles and for energy storage.

This is a performance that is worth its weight in gold, especially as much research has been directed for some time towards the rapid charging of hybrid and electric cars. Cars are not the only ones affected by this technological advance. Smartphones and any other electrical object could benefit from this major technological revolution.

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