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Moroccan Royal Armed Forces interested to buy the S-400 missile defense system

Morocco is very interested in Russian advanced weapons, particularly the S-400 missile defense system, which is the most powerful missile defense system in the world. Although Rabat has yet to make any official request. CNBC television reported that 13 countries in the world are interested in buying Russian S-400 Triumph surface-to-air missile systems, including Morocco.

Unlike its predecessor, the S300PM, the modern S-400 missile defense system has the ability to destroy all types of air targets, including ground-wing winged missiles, small unmanned aerial vehicles, And even the destroyed warhead ballistic missiles with speeds of up to 5,000 meters per second.

“We have no limitations in our military and technical cooperation, especially when it comes to Morocco”, said Russian Ambassador to the Kingdom. “These issues depend to a large extent on the Moroccan side and he is the one who decides”.

The Russian diplomat himself said that “at the moment, it is premature to discuss the possibility of selling the S-400 to Morocco; the country has not made any formal request”, adding that Morocco is interested in the production of the Russian military industrial complex, while Moscow was exposed to “everything In its military formation”.

In a statement, the Russian ambassador said that “the question of the possible delivery of Russian S-400 missile systems to Morocco has not been addressed at the moment”, before returning to the last meeting of the Joint Russian-Moroccan Governmental Committee held Last October, which “touched on this type of weapon.”

The S-400 can be equipped with 5 types of missiles, with different missions and targets. The “40Н 6 Е” was a final model, complemented by the system, and used to destroy important and complex targets, including remote radar detection and enemy stealth aircraft, at a distance of 400 kilometers.

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