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Moroccan wins Shoman Prize for Arab researchers

Moroccan researcher Mohammed Daoudi, a professor at King Abdelaziz University for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, won the 37th edition of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab researchers in 2019, in the category of engineering sciences.

About 382 candidates were nominated for this year’s award, of which fifteen were awarded in the scientific, literary and intellectual fields.

This award, which includes six categories varying each year, was won, as well, jointly by the Lebanese Marouan Mohammed and the Palestinian Bassam Rochdi in the category “Medical and Health Sciences”, while the Egyptian Imam Abdellatif has won the price of “developing the treatment of life-threatening diseases”.

In “basic sciences”, the prize was gleaned by the Palestinian Ismael Khalil and the Egyptian Ahmed Mohamed, while for the “Sports Model”, the trophy was awarded to the Lebanese Omar Mohammed and the Jordanian Chaher Mohamed.

The prize for the “human, social and educational sciences” was won by Suleiman Ben Mohammed El Belouchi of the Sultanate of Oman, while the prize for “technological and agricultural sciences” was won by the Palestinian Mustapha Arsan.

The Egyptian Said Mohamed obtained, for its part, the price of “economic and administrative sciences”.

In 1982, the Shoman Foundation launched this award in recognition of scientific production, the publication of which is likely to raise scientific and applied knowledge, raise awareness of the culture of scientific research and contribute to solving priority problems at the local level, regional and global.

The Shoman Prize for Arab Researchers focuses on scientific research and celebrates, each year, distinguished Arab scholars and aims to support scientific research in the Arab world.

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