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Morocco 20th most advanced country in vaccination in the world

While it is in the Top 10 of the countries having succeeded in the vaccination bet, Morocco, which administered nearly 9 million anti-Covid-19 doses, is positioned in 20th in the ranking of the most advanced countries in vaccination to the world, the German statistics site Statista reported.

“Morocco is ranked 20th among countries with a high vaccination rate, thanks to a diversification of sources of vaccines and early authorization of these serums, an organization of the campaign and the upstream storage chain”, fact namely Statista, referring to the 8,914,956 doses administered since the start of the national vaccination campaign against the coronavirus.

Long before Statista’s ranking, the kingdom was congratulated by the World Health Organization for the success of this campaign as it was among the first 10 countries to have successfully completed the challenge of vaccination against Covid-19.

First in Africa, the country is ahead of several European states such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and Greece.

In the Maghreb, the kingdom occupies the upper hand far above Algeria which inoculated a total of 75,000 doses, Tunisia 316,580 doses, Libya 15,821 doses, and Mauritania 8,122 doses.

According to Statista, the United States is the world’s most advanced country in the process of immunizing its population. China, India and the countries of the European Union have also proven the performance of their vaccine systems. Britain, for its part, exceeded its first targets even before the date set.

Also, it should be noted that the International Monetary Fund hailed the efforts of the kingdom, mainly the success of the national campaign to immunize the Moroccan population.

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