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Morocco, 61st World Military Power in 2019

The Global Firepower Index ranks Morocco’s war capacity as 61st in the world. The kingdom loses six places compared to 2018 (55th).

The Global Firepower Index (GFP) ranked Morocco’s military power at 61st worldwide with a value of 0.8244, noting that a value of 0.0000 is considered “perfect”. Morocco ranks 35th among the 137 nations represented, depending on the strength of its air arsenal. The GFP uses a military data analysis to rank the 137 largest modern powers.

Morocco is a significant military power

The ranking compares the potential war capability of nations on the basis of more than 50 factors, such as resources, labor, finances, geography and naval, land and sea forces of a country. The United States ranked first, followed by Russia, China, India, France and Japan. Among neighbors, Egypt ranked 12th, Spain 20th and Algeria 27th.

Morocco is well positioned in terms of global military spending, with $ 3.4 billion spent in 2019 ranking 51st in the world and 8th in North Africa and the Middle East. The FAR ranked 61st in 2018 out of 137. Saudi Arabia ranks first in the Arab world and third in the world in terms of military spending, followed by the United Arab Emirates, which ranks second in the world Arab and ranked 16th with 14.3 billion dollars, and Algeria, third in the Arab world and 21st in the world with 10.5 billion dollars.

50% of the Moroccan population of fighting age

According to data prepared by Global Fire Power, Morocco has 17,157,065 people ready for military service, representing 50% of the total population of the country, of which 14,532,034 are eligible. Today, the Moroccan army has 346,000 soldiers, 196,000 in activity and 150,000 in reserve.

The US report highlights the diversity of military capabilities and qualifications of Morocco between the army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Forces, where the kingdom has 291 aircraft, including 61 fighter jets (56 in 2018), 61 aircraft (56 in 2018), 31 military transport aircraft and 79 training aircraft and 113 helicopters.

In addition, this study reveals that the FARs have 1109 tanks, 2,720 armored combat vehicles, 530 self-propelled artillery units, 198 towable artillery units and 72 missile launchers.

With regard to the Royal Navy, Morocco has six multipurpose military frigates, a warship, 121 naval combat aircraft, 22 military vehicles and five major military ports.

According to statistics from the Global Firepower website, total global military spending exceeded $ 17 trillion in 2019, noting that “the United States of America ranked first at $ 716 billion, or 42% of total spending in world military”.

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