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Morocco 76th in the 2020 world passport ranking

Improving its position, the Moroccan passport finds itself in 76th place in the 2020 world passport ranking, ahead of Algeria, but behind Tunisia.

The ranking drawn up and published Tuesday, October 13 by the London firm Henley & Partners places Morocco at the 76th position in the Passport Index ranking. A jump of three places compared to last year, when the Moroccan passport was at the 79th position in the world.

Thus, the Moroccan passport gives access to 64 visa-free destinations, specifies this classification of the fourth quarter of the year 2020. These include 13 Asian countries, 17 African countries, as well as Iran, Turkey and Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

Morocco is still ahead of Tunisia, which ranks 71st and whose passport gives access to 71 visa-free destinations. The Algerian passport is found in 89th place in the world and thus gives access to 51 destinations without a visa.

The top of the ranking is dominated by Japan, Singapore as well as Germany and South Korea, tied for 3rd place, each giving access to 189 destinations, writes the London firm. The cabinet, which is based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), says in its latest report for this year that several changes in the ranking have taken place due to the coronavirus pandemic, during which several borders have been closed.

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