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Morocco acquires Patriot air defense system

The Moroccan army is adopting the American Patriot air defense system, the United States Agency for International Trade announced in a recent note devoted to the Moroccan aerospace sector.

In a recent note published on its site, the United States Agency for International Trade reports that the Royal Armed Forces are acquiring the Patriot air defense system. It is a medium-range anti-aircraft missile system built by the US firm Raytheon and used by the US military, as well as several NATO and Asian countries.

The Patriot combines an advanced anti-aircraft interception missile system with one of the world’s most successful radar (target tracking). The first anti-aircraft weapon system to successfully engage a tactical ballistic missile in combat, it is also the first to provide tactical anti-missile protection in operation.

The United States, France and Spain are the main supplier countries of the Moroccan army; in Africa, Morocco is the biggest buyer of American weapons.

Thus, the Royal Moroccan Air Force flies F-16 fighters, C-130 transport planes and CH-47D helicopters, among other equipment of American origin, while the Royal Moroccan Navy operates frigates modern equipped with digital communications of American origin.

Over the past decade, Morocco has strengthened its navy and equipped its army with sophisticated vehicles. In addition, this year Morocco bought 25 new F-16 planes, for a total budget of $ 2.8 billion. It also purchased 24 new Apache attack helicopters for $ 1.6 billion as well as G550 reconnaissance planes.

In 2020, the FMS (Foreign Military Sales) portfolio (American arms export support program) intended for Morocco increased by more than 100% with the signing of the F-16 and Apache deals (of $ 4.01 billion to $ 8.5 billion). Several other cases currently under discussion could bring the FMS portfolio to over $ 10 billion in the coming years.

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