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Morocco acquires TPS-77 MRR radars from Lockheed Martin

Morocco wants to secure its air territory and prevent any external attack. As such, the Kingdom has signed a new contract to strengthen the surveillance capacities of its TPS-77 MRR radars.

It is the most modern version of the radars manufactured by the American security giant Lockheed Martin. In Morocco, several fixed and mobile versions of this ultra-sophisticated radar exist.

This gem can be moved with a C-130 cargo plane, helicopters, trucks and trains. Thanks to this mobility, this radar can be mounted on a truck for deployment on unprepared sites or dismantled for use on fixed site.

Better still, its unique multi-role radar scanning technology allows specific settings, such as low or medium range flight surveillance in specific areas. The many advantages of this radar make the TPS-77 MRR a versatile radar for all situations.

It further enables the Moroccan military to meet its current security challenges by enabling them to monitor and spot low-level flights in order to defend against enemy attacks.

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