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Morocco, African champion in vaccination

With a single click on their phones, Moroccans receive, a few seconds later, the response to their text messages to go to a nearby medical center to receive their dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The Kingdom has overtaken Germany in terms of vaccination.

While Europe is in a state of emergency, life in Morocco is almost as before. What is behind this success? asks German media in a report on the Moroccan success story in the management of the pandemic, in particular the vaccination operation.

The vaccination campaign in Morocco is very successful in terms of organization and citizen participation. So far, 3 million Moroccans have received their first vaccinations in 2888 centers, adding that more than 100000 people are vaccinated every day.

Teachers, doctors, nurses, elements of law enforcement and citizens over 65 have all benefited from this operation, according to German media, recalling that the goal is to vaccinate 80% of the adult population, or about 25 million people.

While Germany and other European countries lag behind, Morocco is on the right track to emerge from the health crisis. So while the German 7-day average is currently 126806 first and second vaccinations per day, Morocco administered an average of 173920 doses per day last week.

Today, Morocco is one step ahead of Europe, noting that the Kingdom has handled the pandemic better than its European neighbors.

Since the start of the pandemic and the appearance of the first cases, Morocco has adopted a proactive strategy involving the suspension of air links, the closure of schools, the establishment of containment and the adoption of the obligation to wear a mask, adding that the Kingdom has also strengthened its local production of masks, equipped its hospital infrastructure with new generation equipment, set up field hospitals and acquired drugs in sufficient quantity.

German media reports the drop in the number of new cases and deaths recorded in Morocco, specifying that on average the Kingdom records “500 new infections and around ten deaths”. “These are numbers that will make Germany and many other countries in the EU jealous”.

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