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Morocco: After fixed radars, pay attention to mobile ones

Secretary of State for Transport Mohamed Najib Boulif handed Thursday, February 21, 280 mobile radars to the services of the Royal Gendarmerie and the National Security to control speed.

These new “latest generation” devices are able to flash motorists before and after the passage of vehicles, unlike current radars. “Made in USA”, they also have a new smart system that can take pictures and videos of offenders, their types of cars and license plates.

The “cheats”, who know the location of the fixed speed cameras by heart, now have no choice but to respect the speed limit signs.

It should be recalled that the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, which is also preparing to extend the fixed speed camera fleet to control speed, aims to limit road accidents and counteract possible corruptions by traffic officers.

According to the director of road transport in the Ministry Noureddine Dib, 550 new fixed cameras will be installed in different cities of Morocco in 2019. These new devices should register, according to him, 6 million offenses against three currently.

He also pointed out, during a conference held Monday, February 18, on the occasion of the national day of road safety, that the ministry has installed 140 fixed speed cameras since 2010. And to add that a road traffic portal has was put in place given the number of more and more serious contraventions.

These new fixed speed cameras can control the speed, the forbidden lanes, the crossings of the continuous line and the non-respect of the red light. A first, since until now motorists had never been flashed at traffic lights.

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