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Morocco among the world’s top 3 exporters of mandarins

Morocco now occupies third place in mandarin exports. With an average of more than 508,000 tonnes of mandarins exported per year, the Kingdom comes just behind Turkey (759,000 tonnes) and China (644,000 tonnes). The World Top 5 is completed by South Africa (294,000 tonnes) and the European Union (228,000 tonnes).

When it comes to mandarin production, China leads the pack with an average annual harvest of 21.687 million tonnes of fruit. It is followed by the EU (2nd), which has an average production of 3.1 million tonnes, Turkey (3rd) with 1.45 million tonnes, Morocco (4th) with 1.172 million tonnes and the States United (5th) with 875,000 tonnes.

China sells most of the cultivated mandarins domestically and exports only 3% of its production. EU countries supply 7% of cultivated mandarins to overseas markets and Australia sells 20% of its production to overseas markets. Morocco, meanwhile, exports 43% of its mandarin production, Turkey ships 52% of its harvest and South Africa 79% of its total mandarin production.

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