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Morocco and Indonesia start trade agreement negotiations

Morocco and Indonesia have started negotiations on a preferential trade agreement (PTA) to boost trade and investment between the two countries.

The Trade Ministry’s bilateral negotiations director, Ni Made Ayu Marthini, said trade cooperation improvement through joint trade commission (JTC) activation and a PTA was a follow up to an agreement signed by Trade Minister Enggartiasto and his Moroccan counterpart, Rakiya Eddarhem, in June 2018 on the JTC activation plan.

“To keep the momentum alive, Indonesia and Morocco have prepared for the first JTC and PTA meeting, which is scheduled for late April in Jakarta,” Ni Made said in a press statement on Wednesday.

Both parties have agreed to the terms of reference.

Under the JTC forum, the officials encouraged intensive interaction between the business sectors of both countries, Ni Made said, adding that the result of the interactions were expected to identify products that could be discussed in PTA negotiations. He added that negotiations between Indonesia and Morocco would involve the discussion of tariff cuts for certain products.

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