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Morocco and Israel sign agreement for direct flights

Israel and Morocco signed an agreement to launch direct flights between the two countries. This is the third air deal recently signed, following the normalization process between Israel and the Arab states.

This agreement comes as a logical follow-up to the events that have taken place in recent weeks. Indeed, a month ago to the day, an American-Israeli delegation led by Jared Kushner arrived in the kingdom aboard an El Al company plane. It was the first commercial flight between the two countries. Theft took place ten days after the recognition by former President Trump of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara.

As a reminder, Morocco is home to the largest Jewish community in North Africa and some 700,000 Israelis of Moroccan descent have often kept very good ties with their country of origin. Also, and according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rabat, between 50,000 and 70,000 Israeli tourists, mostly of Moroccan origin, visited the kingdom each year before the onset of the current pandemic.

This new step towards rapprochement between the two countries should be followed by the signing of a series of bilateral agreements as well as other new rapprochements.

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