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Morocco exported 18.5 million masks to 11 countries

Since the authorization to export protective masks (in woven and non-woven fabric) on May 21, 2020 until June 8, nearly 18.5 million units have been exported by 69 companies to 11 countries across four continents. Masks in woven fabric represent 77% of these exports, compared to 23% in non-woven fabric.

The export of masks, authorized after ensuring national self-satisfaction in the matter, concerned Europe, in the first place, in particular France with 33.6% of exports, followed by Portugal with 28.5%, then Spain with 14.6%. Other countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia also imported protective masks made in Morocco.

The export of protective masks represents both a pledge of confidence in the certified quality of the Moroccan product, and a strong development opportunity for the sector of manufacturing of personal protective equipment consisting of textile production units and companies having reconverted their industrial tool.

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