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Morocco, fast food consumer in full containment

Since the start of containment in Morocco, all restaurants and fast-food restaurants have had to close their doors. Some stores were able to reopen Friday, May 29, but only for the “take out” service and home deliveries.

Videos circulate on the web where you can see long queues at the fasts-food drives. This craze has been strongly criticized and provoked strong reactions on social networks.

With a travel certificate, customers did not hesitate to go to these restaurants in complete confinement to buy a pizza or a burger …

In this phenomenon which constitutes risks for the health of the citizens during this period of pandemic crisis, the drivers of the two-wheelers, the deliverers and the lines of cars waiting their turn blocked the circulation in several districts of Casablanca.

However, this affluence allowed several restaurants to relaunch their activities. Some even had to increase their workforce to meet the high demand from customers during this period.

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