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Morocco: French Sofrilog Invests in Cold Chain Logistics

French cold chain logistics network Sofrilog announced in a statement January 15 that it will construct a tri-temperature platform near Casablanca, to be completed in 2020. After its success as a recognized national network of supply chain professionals, Sofrilog network chose Morocco as its first international location.

Sofrilog will partner with the Moroccan Refrigeration and Logistics (LMFL) company. LMFL specializes in logistics and national and international refrigerated transport. Two Moroccan logistics experts set it up in 2017 in Casablanca.

Through the partnership, LMFL and Sofrilog hope to become a major player in the world of agri-food logistics to and from Morocco. “The aim is to bring value to all the players in the cold supply chain,” reads the statement.

The development of the Moroccan agri-food market as a “gateway for Africa is a major challenge for the Moroccan public authorities who have put in place significant strategies to promote its emergence,” the company said.

Sofrilog Commercial Director Sebastien Bossard said: “The Moroccan market is a market that interests our customers, and we are delighted to be able to offer them continuity of the international network.”

Located throughout mainland France, Sofrilog has 42 sites with a volume of 1.5 million cubic meters of cold storage. It has 4 subsidiaries and 1,200 employees and serves numerous industries such as meat, seafood, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, bakery and pastry, and delicatessen products.

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