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Morocco has managed the Coronavirus crisis better than France

To compare the management of the pandemic in the world, Morocco is in 68th place, ahead of France or Spain. The observation is made by the Australian think-tank Lowy Institute, which carried out its study in more than 98 countries in the world.

The institute focused its study on six indicators, namely: the number of confirmed cases, that of confirmed deaths, confirmed cases per million people, confirmed deaths per million people, the number of tests per thousand people and the proportion testing for confirmed cases. On this basis, a score is given to each country, between 0, the lowest, and 100, the best score, which no country has managed to achieve, observes the study which nevertheless ranks New Zealand (94.4 points), Vietnam (90.8) and Taiwan (86.4) in the top 3 worldwide.

Morocco has a score of 37.1 and is thus in 68th place, far ahead of France, ranked 73rd, with 34.9, and Spain (31.2), relegating it to 78th place. Tunisia, with its 66.7, ranks 21st, comfortably behind Denmark (62.9 – 23rd place). Algeria is not included in this ranking.

The study explains this result by the fact that small countries (with a population of less than 10 million people) were more effective during most of 2020. Countries such as the United States (17.3 – 94th position) or Brazil (4.3 – 98th position) have very badly managed the crisis, indicates the study which thus denies the prejudice according to which the most economically developed countries had better management of the crisis sanitary.

To date, the total number of contaminations in Morocco is 469990 cases, since the first case reported last March. 447866 people have fully recovered, representing a cure rate of 95.3%, and 8246 deaths have been recorded, representing a case fatality rate of 1.8%.

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