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Morocco: Increase in fuel prices

As announced by Daily Morocco, fuel prices have risen well on March 1, 2019.

In this regard, the President of the National Federation of Managers and Owners of Gas Stations (FNGPS), Jamal Zrikom, said that this increase is due to the change in world oil prices. But on the government side, no comment was made about this price spike.

On Friday, March 1, diesel prices ranged from 9.39 to 9.47, while gasoline prices ranged from 10.20 to 10.23.

The president of the FNGPS persists and signs: “Our position is clear. We are for capping, provided it is fair to all,” he said.

Recall that Lahcen Daoudi had heavily criticized the exit of the Competition Council. The latter has disapproved Friday, February 15, the government’s request for the proposed cap on fuel profit margins.

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