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Morocco: Increase in Tobacco prices

Smokers will have to pay more for their cigarette pack. Indeed, the increase in cigarette prices planned by the government has been effective since Tuesday, January 1st.

In accordance with the Finance Act for the fiscal year 2019, manufactured tobacco is from today subject to a new tax. An order of the minister delegate to the head of government in charge of general affairs and governance, Lahcen Daoudi, published in the official bulletin on December 31, gives new prices for sale to the public tobacco. This increase concerns the different types of cigarettes.

Regarding the main brands consumed by Moroccans, the price of the Marlboro box has risen from 33 to 35 dirhams, an increase of 2 dirhams. The same goes for the other products of the same brand, namely the Marlboro Beyond, whose price has also increased by two dirhams.

Regarding the classic Marquise, manufactured tobacco product most consumed by Moroccans, its price has risen by one dirham and a half, from 20 to 21.5 dirhams. However, the price of the Classic Marquise 100 has only increased by 50 cents.

However, the price of Winston Blue, Red and Classic remained unchanged (32 dirhams). The famous local brand, Casa, also saw a rise of 4 dirhams, from 16 to 20 dirhams.

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