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Morocco is at war against spy drones

The security services of the kingdom are on alert against personal drones, after “dangerous” overtaking recorded especially in the city of Marrakech, reported media, indicating that retaliatory measures will be taken.

Following overruns deemed dangerous for security and public order, the Moroccan authorities have decided to impose strict rules of control for drones throughout the national airspace, said media, citing security sources close to the file. This phenomenon is starting to grow in recent times, they said.

The media claimed that the authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco are on alert about the drones that swarm in the airspace, because of the danger that these devices represent for the safety of people and the territory, especially as these Suspicious drones feature sophisticated cameras.

After the appearance of a drone flying over the city of Marrakech, the Royal Gendarmerie, according to sources cited by the media, launched an alert that raised questions and concerns among the population. The owner of the flying machine was arrested, interrogated and then brought before the public prosecutor’s office.

A few days later, said the same sources, another drone flew low over the iconic Jamaâ El Fna square in Marrakech, filming the activities that animated the area. The old medina of the city was also filmed from the sky by the same type of gear, they added.

Despite the arrangements made by security services that have made several arrests, media said other drones continue to violate the airspace and tend to cross the red line. This is the case of the one launched by a foreign tourist from a tourist site and which flew over the royal residence and its surroundings, they noted.

The authorities, despite all the difficulties, are now trying to control the circuits of these devices introduced in the country.

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