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Morocco is still waiting for its Covax vaccine doses

Covax delivered more than 850,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Egypt on Wednesday evening. While Morocco is waiting to receive them, the Egyptians are the first to be provided with vaccines, a WHO statement said.

Will Morocco have to wait a long time before receiving its first doses of vaccines against Covid-19? So far, Egypt has already received an initial quantity of more than 850,000 doses of AstraZeneca. The Egyptian health authorities give priority to vaccination for medical personnel, the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases or co-morbidities. Deliveries of complementary vaccines will increase the amount to 40 million doses to cover 20% of Egypt’s 100 million people.

Covax aims to deliver doses to 20% of the population of 200 countries and territories during the year 2021. The international Covax system has funding to help 92 disadvantaged countries.

Egypt, whose demographic weight propels it to the first rank in the Arab world, on January 24 began its vaccination campaign by its medical teams against the coronavirus, with the vaccine from the Chinese group Sinopharm. The country has recorded more than 200,000 cases of coronavirus and 12,000 deaths.

The director of the WHO regional office Ahmed al-Mandhari highlighted the difficulties “in delivering the cargoes to the countries”. This is the lack of adequate storage points for products that must be stored at low temperatures. Dr al-Mandhari also mentions the “funding challenges” and “competition from rich countries” for obtaining doses. This situation inhibits global efforts to defeat the virus.

Finally, the WHO has noted the emergence of two new variants in Libya, which poses a definite threat to the entire region, including Morocco.

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