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Morocco is the 5th world producer of olive oil

Morocco exported nearly 3,385 tonnes of olive oil to the European Union (EU) during the period from October 2019 to April 2020, a drop of 62.4% compared to the previous season.

Ranked the world’s fifth largest producer of olive oil, behind Spain, Tunisia, Italy and Greece, Morocco occupies the same place in terms of exports before the coronavirus crisis.

For this season, exports of olive oil from Morocco to the European market fell from 9,014 to 3,385 tonnes, after increasing by 10% last year. A fall caused, among other things, by the drop in olive production and competition from Spain and Italy.

To boost its exports of olive oil, Morocco covets the North American market. Meanwhile, 137,346 tonnes of olive oil were imported by the EU in the first seven months of the campaign (October 2019-April 2020); 118,016 tonnes come from Tunisia (+74.7%); 6,058 tonnes from Turkey (+56%); 3,238 tonnes from Argentina (+53.8%) and 1,783 tonnes from Syria (-72.4%).

Between October 2019 and April 2020, 139,683 tonnes were imported into the United States (+7.6%), followed by Brazil with 58,325 tonnes (+37.6%) and Japan, with 40,461 tonnes (+11.5%).

In addition, olive oil was exported by European countries to the United Kingdom (36,254 tonnes, -0.2%), China (26,052 tonnes, +3.1%), Canada (21,164 tonnes, +29.9%) and Australia (20,937 tonnes, +45.5%).

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