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Morocco moves towards easing restrictions

The technical and scientific committee held a meeting to analyze the epidemiological situation in Morocco. Its members say they are in favor of easing internal restrictive measures, because “the indicators are not worrying”. However, they call on the government to exercise maximum vigilance regarding the reopening of borders.

During the meeting, members of the scientific and technical committee analyzed the current epidemiological situation in the kingdom, but also discussed the possibilities offered to Morocco in terms of measures. Two items were on the agenda: relaxation of restrictive measures in general, and conditions of access to Moroccan territory. Addressing the first point, they gave a favorable opinion on the easing of health and security measures.

“The indicators are not worrying, on the contrary, they are improving. The weekly number of cases is down 46%, the number of deaths is down 40%, the intensive care bed occupancy rate is below 7% and the reproduction rate is below 0.7. It has reached 0.63, the lowest level since the start of the epidemic,” a member of the committee said. According to other sources, it is highly likely that the relaxation of measures will be announced in the very next few days and that the night curfew will be pushed back to around midnight.

Focusing on the second point, the technical and scientific committee calls for maximum vigilance. The measures to be applied are still under discussion. The members of the committee propose that people arriving in Morocco be systematically subjected to a test when they enter Moroccan soil, which will make it possible to counter fraudulent attestations be quarantined and subjected to another test on the 10th day.

Discussions will continue at the next meeting of the technical and scientific committee, scheduled for Thursday, May 20.

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