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Morocco: People with disabilities in the face of employment

A young unemployed Moroccan blind person who participated in a demonstration for employment on the roof of a ministry in Rabat made a fatal fall on October 7, 2018 evening. The young man participated in a sit-in organized since late September by dozens of blind unemployed on the roof of the Ministry of the Family, solidarity, equality and social development. Their goal: to demand hiring in the public service.
Their integration into the public service

“Immediately after his fall, he was transferred to an ambulance mobilized near the ministry throughout this sit-in” and “died on the way to the hospital,” said the ministry in a statement. “An investigation has been opened by the competent authorities,” he said, expressing “his profound sadness and regret for this tragic incident”. Since the end of September, members of the “National Coordination of Visually Impaired Graduates” threatened to throw themselves off the roof of the ministerial building if their demands were not heard. Unemployed graduates frequently demonstrate on the streets of Rabat to demand their integration into the public service, a guarantee of job security.

50% of unemployed disabled people

In 2012, an unemployed Moroccan youth lost their lives after attempting to set themselves on fire, arousing anger and indignation among unemployed graduates. In March 2017, a dozen visually impaired people tried to immolate themselves by fire in Marrakech (south). Unemployment affects more than four out of ten urban youth in Morocco, a problem at the center of social concerns that feeds frustration and popular discontent. The unemployment rate of people with disabilities is 47.65% – four times more than average – in a country that has 2.3 million according to an official study published in 2016.

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