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Morocco ranked 100th in the Legatum Prosperity Index

Morocco has been ranked 100th in the 2019 Legatum Institute Prosperity Index, losing five places. Released earlier in November, the report which measured prosperity levels in 167 countries, indicates that the Kingdom ranked 95th in 2018 and 94th in 2017.

The index, which is based on a variety of factors, stresses that “Morocco performs most strongly in safety and security and market access and infrastructure”. Meanwhile, it indicates that the Kingdom is the weakest in social capital.

“The biggest improvement compared to a decade ago came in safety and security”, the index reports.

Regionally, Morocco ranks 9th in the Arab world, behind the United Arab Emirates 40th, Qatar 43rd, Bahrain 58th, Oman 60th, Kuwait 62nd, Saudi Arabia 71st, Jordan 86th, and Tunisia.

In North Africa, Morocco comes second behind Tunisia and ahead of Algeria 110th, Egypt 126th, Libya 147th and Mauritania 155th.

The Prosperity Index is topped by Denmark 1st, Norway 2nd, Switzerland 3rd, Sweden 4th and Finland 5th. Afghanistan 163rd, Chad 164th, Central African Republic 165th, Yemen 166th, and South Sudan 167th are at the bottom of the ranking.

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